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Yang Kwei Fei was an 8th century consort of the last Tang Dynasty emperor Xuanzong. Known both for her beauty and her fondness for alcohol, she is one half of one of the most famous love stories of ancient China. It is that love that has inspired Kwei Fei, a new restaurant concept from chef David Schuttenberg featuring the foods of Western China, and more specifically the province of Sichuan. This style of Chinese cooking is known for its vibrant, colorful, and piquant flavors. 


★★★★☆ The great Chinese restaurant that Charleston has long awaited (so long as a Sichuanese pop-up counts.) Sichuan | Cannonborough-Elliotborough
— - Hanna Raskin, The Post Courier
Bringing a punch-you-in-the face level of flavor, the Thai basil, cilantro, spring greens, and peanuts mingle with a vibrant vinaigrette quite possibly made from unicorn tears and sunshine. There’s a lingering heat at the finish and a lingering longing in my heart. I wish someone would make me one of these exuberant salads every day for the rest of the my life.
— Charleston City Paper
...with an expert balanace of sweet, sour, sharp and soft notes. The kitchen is paying attention and taking care.
— New York Times
Presiding over this cavalcade of far-flung regional Mexican fare is chef David Schuttenberg, whose previous assignment was Fatty Crab. And therein lies a clue to the reasoning behind Cabrito: Like the Crab, it zealously translates a choice collection of ethnic recipes into the bistro idiom, so that about 80 percent of the dishes are aggressively “authentic,” with some intelligent tweakings here and there.
— Village Voice